The Different Rides of Dmitry Rybolovlev

Dmitry Rybolovlev made a fortune in the fertilizer production business. In 2011, he sold his globally successful company, Uralkali, and went on to invest in a bank, a football club, and some properties. As a man with a massive fortune, it follows that Rybolovlev also owns some luxury transportation.

Many write ups about the Russian billionaire highlight many of his properties, including the different rides he owns. As a frequent traveler to various places around the world – including places where he actually owns property – it isn’t surprising to find out that he owns an airplane. To be really specific, it is an Airbus, which is one of the most popular aircraft models in the world.

Apart from traveling by air, Rybolovlev also seems to enjoy journeying by water. He is the owner of two luxury yachts, one of which is named after one of his daughters.

Mr. Rybolovlev has two children, and each of them inspired the names of his different modes of transport.

Airbus – “Kate”

A man with properties in Florida, Greece, Hawaii, Monaco, and New York needs to have a form of transportation that can get them from one place to the next, all without wasting any time. While flying commercial is certainly an option, doing so means having to wait around. A solution to this is private air transport, and being the billionaire that he is, it’s not a surprise to find that Rybolovlev is in possession of one.

The particular model of aircraft he owns is an Airbus. To be very specific, it is an Airbus A319, a short- to medium-range commercial airliner with a narrow body and twin engines. It can carry around 160 passengers and belongs to the Airbus A320 family. This particular model is the most popular choice for use as a private jet.

Rybolovlev named his own personal jet after one of his daughters. Ekaterina Rybolovlev is the inspiration behind the personal Airbus jet that Rybolovlev’s owns. She is not only dabbles in business but is also an equestrian. Many of the properties her father owns has been purchased using a trust that is in her name.

The Airbus that is named after her is quite distinct. It has the call sign M-KATE and is quite controversial in its own right. U.S. president Donald Trump is being investigated due to his ties with Russians, and a link between Rybolovlev and Trump can be established.

Back in 2008, Rybolovlev purchased Trump’s property in Palm Beach, Florida. More than a decade later, as Trump campaigned in different places across the U.S., Rybolovlev’s private jet also happened to be spotted in the same places. This event was dismissed by Rybolovlev as a coincidence.

Yacht – “Anna”

There are two Annas. One is a motor yacht dating back to 2017 while the other is a rather new one acquired in 2018.

Rybolovlev’s yachts, like his private Airbus jet, is named after a daughter. In this case, it is named after his other daughter, Anna Rybolovlev. Both of his luxury yachts were made by Feadship, a Dutch shipbuilder.

The first Anna was delivered in 2007 and can carry 17 guests and 22 crew. In terms of facilities, the yacht features a two-level Master Suite, a gym, a sauna, and an upper deck viewing lounge.

Rybolovlev started purchasing properties around the world in 2008, a few years before he sold his stakes in Uralkali. He has property in places such as Monaco, Switzerland, the United States of America (Florida, New York, and Hawaii). But what other acquisitions should Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev want?

Apparently, it was another yacht (delivered in 2018) and it was still named after his daughter Anna. In addition to that, he also invested in some struggling entities, including a bank and a French football club.

The investment in a troubled bank in Cyprus came first. It was an investment made shortly after selling his stakes in Uralkali. Later on, Rybolovlev made another investment in another struggling entity: the French football team AS Monaco F.C.

Monaco was one of the best football clubs in France. Their fortunes changed, which saw them drop down to the second division of France’s top flight football league. With Rybolovlev’s investment, the team was able to turn things around and actually get back to the first division.

While Rybolovlev acquired a new yacht in 2018, the year didn’t end on a happy note. He was charged in relation to a corruption investigation as well as peddling influence.

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