Important Reasons to Visit the Ferrari World Amusement Park!!

We all like to get away from our busy lives and go on vacations that allow us to relax and to forget our day to day chores. There are several places that are famous for vacationing but, these days Abu Dhabi has become a famous tourist place among the people. Every year thousands of people are visiting this place to experience its beauty and culture. Abu Dhabi is one of the largest cities of UAE and also is termed as the topmost modern city in the world.

Abu Dhabi is popular for its chain of international and luxury hotels, shopping places, tall buildings etc. Therefore, if you are planning to visit this place then you should start your bookings beforehand so as to prevent any last minute hassle. There are numerous places in Abu Dhabi where you can visit and can enjoy to the fullest. Once you are here, make sure you go to the different sightseeing locations, ride on luxurious cars, shop for your favorite brand in huge malls and also visit the amusement parks.

If you love adventure and you are not scared of huge rides then you must surely visit the Ferrari World adventure park. This amusement park is located on the Yas Island and is also the first Ferrari branded theme, Adventure Park. This park is also recorded for its largest space frame structure that has ever been built anywhere in the world. On the other hand, you can also avail for Abu Dhabi Ferrari World Tour Packages from your travel agent so as to get special discounts and offers on the rides and other activities provided in the park.

The Ferrari World Tour Package will also make your trip cost-effective, as you’ll save some amount money from the discounts and further can use that money in other activities. Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is said to be one of the major tourist places and approximately 70%of the people who travel to Dubai surely visits this place. Visiting this amusement park will enhance the excitement of your Abu Dhabi trip and you’ll definitely have a great time. So, if you have a dream of enjoying an exciting trip, this location will prove to be your best decisions.

On the other hand, if you are wondering about the reasons to avail the Ferrari World Tour Package then mentioned below is the top 5 reasons as to why you should visit this place when you are traveling to Abu Dhabi:

  1. Enjoy on the world’s largest rollercoaster:

Ferrari world is mainly known for its rollercoaster ride that is considered as the fastest and the largest in the entire world. Take a ride on the Formula Rossa rollercoaster and experience the speed throughout the 2.2 km course at a speed of 240 km/h.  This ride starts with the same hydraulic launch that is used to send planes to the sky. So, strap in your security belt and enjoy the world’s largest ride.

  1. Make your little ones handy with the wheels:

If you are visiting this amusement park with your children, the Junior Pilot’s driving school will be their favorite time during the entire trip. The children, firstly, will be shown a short educational film and then they’ll receive instructions on driving from the experts who are available there. After this, the children will get their fun-sized 430 GT spider Ferrari to ride. They’ll also get to learn about the traffic rules as well as about the laws of the road in this driving school.

  1. Compete with your friends in the Ferrari race:

In this amusement park, you can also race with the Fiorano GT challenge and can compete with your friends. For this race, you need to get into the Ferrari F430 Spider and launch away from the starting point and continue to the twisting parallel tracks. This race is breathtaking and will speed up to 95 km/h and that too in hairpin turns. The other team racing on different tracks will give you tough competitions but you have to concentrate on your track so that you win.

  1. Experience the best 4D journey like nowhere:

One of the world’s most sophisticated stimulators is “Nello” that will take you on the best 4D fantasy ride in the Ferrari World Park. This amazing 4D ride will take you to fly along the cliffs and to the ocean’s depth. Also, you will experience the heat and cold of the jungles and ice caves as the lights will change and the temperature will shift during the ride. Nello’s adventure will mesmerize your senses and you will have a perfect time experiencing the entire 4D adventure.

  1. Get the best time experiencing the racing stimulators:

Explore the Scuderia challenge in the Ferrari world park and experience the state of the art racing challenges. You simply need to race against the given lap times and race to win the challenge. You can race with a variety of Ferraris either solo or with your friends. This particular Scuderia challenge will indulge you in realism that you can’t experience in any other racing games.

Hence, these are some of the most important reasons that make it a must for you to visit the Ferrari World amusement park. This place will totally offer you a different world of racing and will be worth every penny you spent on it. You’ll be pleased to visit here and will have the best Ferrari experience you can ever have. Furthermore, In order to make your Abu Dhabi trip more adventurous and worth remembering visiting the Ferrari world amusement park will be a great idea.

So, are you excited to visit a world full of extreme racing, fun and Ferrari experience? If yes, start your bookings now and make sure you avail the Ferrari World Tour Package for getting special and extra offers on the cost of the rides. Contact top travel agency in Abu Dhabi and get details about the different packages they have.


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