Beginner Sailing Tips

Everyone thought about sailing when they were on vacation. The bad thing is that you will need to have a lot of money if you want to sail everywhere you want. Also, you need to know that sailing isn’t always beautiful. We dreamed about sailing with dolphins, but it will always depend on many factors.

You should always be careful when you attend sailing, and if you are not experienced, always have someone who knows what to doing. Weather can change in a second if you are not well informed and from a beautiful dream, it can turn into a nightmare. But, when you know what you are doing sailing will truly be the best outdoor water travel idea.

Safety is the most important

There are a lot of dangerous parts of a boat that can injure you, but the biggest things and one that is known to cause injuries is the “boom”. If the wind is strong enough, it can easily swing and hit you if you are not careful.

Because they are so heavy, they can send you overboard or even get drastic injuries. You can easily avoid this, if you just don’t in the path it can swing around. Also, look out for little things that can get you stuck like a rope or other things that can prevent you from avoiding the boom.

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Even when you are surrounded by the ocean, fire is still the biggest threat on a boat. You should always check if the fire exhaust is working properly and also have one more extra because you will never know what can happen. Also, when you know everything is in place, make sure other people that are aboard also know how to use it.

Many people don’t know, but the lights are more important than you think so. People logically thing that they are there so you can see where you are going and others can see you too, but there are different colors you can use that will indicate in which direction you are going. It is a basic procedure to check if they are working because without them you shouldn’t be sailing.

Learn about weather on oceans or seas

We all know about the certain type of winds, but besides that, you need to know how strong each of them can get, and there is a scale for that named Beaufort Scale. The scale goes from 1 to 12, so you can determine how large the waves will be.

You should always know what the local weather will be, and a great tip is to be in a local sailing club because they will for sure have the best information about the weather for each day of the week.

When the weather is great, without clouds, and the water is beautiful, you could think that everything is perfect. But, there are more natural phenomena that can interfere with your sail. Whirlpool, squalls, and waterspouts can appear in a second and mess your day. You need to understand what occurs before then, so you can react on time.

The forecast can be different for the land, so you should always check some terms that are used for the forecast for sea or ocean. When you are going on a sailing trip, you will need to know the forecast for places that are miles away.

Extra tips

It is always fun to go sailing with your buddies or family, but everyone should know who is in charge. If a bad situation comes, you will all know who will give the final word. Arguing about the decisions in some situations can result in a bigger disaster.

Everyone knows that food and water are essential for any kind of trips, but unlike other, sailing has more chances to extend the trip for many hours or days. What you should always do is to get more food and water then you need for the planned trip. Read more here.

If you haven’t been sailing you should always have a life jacket. The wind and waves and hit the boat and you can fall in the water, and in some cases hit the boat side which can lead to injury. If you have kids on the ship, you can also practice overboard situations which can sometimes be fun.

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