4 Tips of Marine Mechanic maintenance

D-Tech Contracting is a renowned company providing high-quality power generation services in Perth, Western Australian. Our company offers many services including boat repairs, diesel and gasoline generator repair, and boat maintenance. Moreover, we offer diesel mechanic Perth services which include emergency repair. Boat repairs Perth WA is one of the services that are in high demand in the region due to low maintenance. Maintaining a boat is essential and here are the main tips:

Wash Boat Regularly

It is vital for a you to wash the boat regularly. Most boat problems can be avoided by simply washing especially if you go boating in salty water. Oceans and seas are salty waters, and the salt corrodes major mechanic parts of the boat.

Therefore, it is essential to wash your boat regularly with fresh water to prevent such an avoidable occurrence. Use soaps and cleaners which are made explicitly for boats for better results. 

If the boat is already corroded or the gel coat on your boat is already affected, contact us. Our professional marine mechanics will help you.

Check Your Propeller Regularly

Make it a routine to check your propeller before boating to ensure that the nut is tightly fixed. Also, check the propeller occasionally to ensure that the fishing line is not wrapped around the propeller shaft. The shaft transmits power from the engine to the propeller, and thus it has to be secured. Moreover, it is essential to put a good amount of waterproof grease on the propeller shaft to avoid rusting.

 If there is a problem, contact us and our marine mechanics will check the gear case to prevent leaking. We have mobile marine mechanics who can travel to the place you are and solve the problem.

Change the Boat’s Oil

Boats require a regular change of motors oil to protect the engine and for comfort. We recommend changing the oil after 100 hours of use or rather annually.

 It is necessary to bring the boat to us for oil changing as high professionalism is required during this process. Changing the boat’s oil applies to all types of gas including gasoline and diesel.

Regular Maintenance

 Taking your boat for regular service and maintenance is essential. Most boat repairs Perth WA cases are due to poor boat maintenance.

At D-Tech Contracting, we provide maintenance of high-quality to ensure that your boat will work for a more extended period before any other problem occurs.


D-Tech Contracting is the best company that provides boat repairs Perth WA services. Our clients appreciate our services as it is seen in our reviews and testimonials. All our services are offered at affordable prices, and they are provided on time after you contact us. Your boat can last longer in good shape with our high-end services.   

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